SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — During last week’s city council meeting, council members unanimously voted to create up to 50 new dwellings and a resident service building for those facing homelessness in our area.

The new homes will be called The Dundee Cottages and will be located in East Savannah near the Tiny Homes Project at the Cove at Dundee, which currently houses veterans that are struggling with homelessness.

The new housing project will welcome all those affected with no place to call home.

“It makes available about $3.2 million dollars for infrastructure, up to $2.5 million dollars from the Savannah affordable housing fund for the construction of cottages and a resident services building on vacant city land on which these improvements will be made,” Mayor Van Johnson said.

The city also approved funding for the creation of the Savannah Homelessness Outreach Team — or S.H.O.T. for short.

They’ll aim to put boots on the ground, targeting at-risk individuals and families.

“There are people who are homeless but don’t have to be homeless,” Johnson explained. “They have low hanging fruit issues that could be addressed right away by either a simple call, be-it transportation, and so this is kind of our onboard team to be able to address those issues.”

Johnson said he hopes to see the county getting involved with the project.

Those that currently call the Cove at Dundee home say, they’re looking forward to new neighbors. They say, the more resources the city makes available for our roofless neighbors, the better.

“This is to get people off the streets, get ’em a place and they can feel secure and a part of a community, and I’m just glad to be a part of this program and I’m glad to be out here talking about it,” said Reginald Chisholm, Resident at the Cove at Dundee.