SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s been a hot topic for years now, the possible renaming of Calhoun Square, which is named after former Vice President John Calhoun, who also was a slave owner.

Savannah City Hall saw a packed house Thursday night as many locals wanted to make their voices heard when it comes to renaming the city square.

Locals who came before the council felt a name change is way long overdue. They also expressed confusion about why this should be a discussion, as the South Carolina native had no ties to the state of Georgia. 

This effort to remove the name was started by a coalition back in early 2021. Thursday night, the council gave the opportunity to hear feedback before making a decision. 

“And I am the descendant of those enslaved downtown,” one resident told the city council. “At both Whitfield and Calhoun Square. And so, since Calhoun is not a local boy and he’s from the state of South Carolina. We think we should send them back.” 

“Clemson University is on Calhoun’s former plantation his son-in-law sir Clemson donated the land,” said Ross Shepard who lives near the square.  And two years ago, two years ago Clemson removed Calhoun’s from its honor college.”

A final answer on whether the name will or will not be changed is likely coming in mid-November.