SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Evergreen Cemetery, a place that has been at the center of numerous complaints and failed upkeep, will be condemned.

The grave site has been serving the Savannah community since the early 1930s, but in the last decade, the cemetery fell victim to neglect due to the death of the grave site owner.

Many people have reached out to WSAV for help, including Donald Lambert Sr. whose parents have been buried there for years. But grass, trash and other debris have made it impossible to locate their gravestones.

“I pray to God they do because I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating but it’s frustrating,” Lambert Sr. said. “I’ve come out here three mother’s day and father’s day trying to locate my parents so I can clean off an area and put some flowers down there. I’m just saying, I’m fed up.”

Back in 2019, the City of Savannah used $19,000 to clean up the property but the private owner could not keep up with maintenance.

“As soon as it rains, as soon as the sun shines, the grass grows back higher than before and the process starts all over again,” Mayor Van Johnson said.

Lambert Sr. hopes the city council will follow up on their plan to turn things around for the better

“I wish their parents was out here, I bet you something would have gotten done before now,” Lambert Sr. said. “You know I’m just saying maybe everybody just needs to take pan look at this area here and it’s ridiculous. You won’t find no other grave yard in such poor upkeep as this place.”

The city is still in the process of buying the gravesite and the owners have thirty days to agree on the price, or they will have to settle in court

But, when the deal is finalized it will be the sixth city-owned cemetery in Savannah. Johnson said that’s a step in the right direction.

“And as you know we have an unparallel staff, of cemetery care professionals who will bring quality, equity, and dignity back to Evergreen cemetery,” Johnson said.