SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — News 3 has received a response from the City of Savannah’s Clerk of Council after a group of men submitted a complaint against Alderman Detric Leggett. 

That group of men said District 2 Alderman Detric Leggett was falsifying documents to qualify for re-election of his District 2 seat. 

They said Leggett does not live on East 38th Street but on Vinson Street in District 3. 

The Clerk of Council responded to those claims and said they needed to be made 2 weeks after qualifying. 

See their response below:

Reverend Dr. Leonard Smalls is one of those men who complained. 

“We have interviewed the people who live here.  They’re young students.  He does not live here and has not lived here at least for ten, or 15 years.  And my brother said he’s never lived here.  Who lives directly across the street,”  said resident Reverend Dr. Leonard Smalls. 

News 3 visited the house earlier today and did not see those students who they say allegedly live in the home. 

We did however speak to Alderman Leggett inside the house. He says he does live there but his family is going through some personal things which makes their living situation complicated.

Leggett commented, “…that shows how desperate they are.” 

Leggett told News 3 that he called the police out of the property because he was afraid for his safety with the crowd gathering outside.