SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — There’s a new push to demolish Yamacraw Village, a public housing complex in Savannah.

Some residents tell News 3, they’re ready to say goodbye.

An independent contractor conducted an assessment of the complex, and according to the Housing Authority of Savannah, the contractor says demolition is the best option.

They say it would be more expensive to make necessary repairs than to demolish the apartments entirely.

Some residents say that, while they are concerned about where they’ll go next, they’re also relieved.

Residents of Yamacraw Village tell me conditions there are unlivable, and they say the housing is not worth what they’re paying.

They tell News 3 they’re dealing with mold, pests, and high fines for something as simple as a broken blind.

Residents also say many of the units are abandoned. They tell me the streets are filled with boarded up apartments, and crime is high.

One resident says, that while she is concerned about her housing options if Yamacraw is demolished, she’d rather be anywhere else, even if those options are uncertain.

“All that money for Yamacraw, it’s really not worth it. It’s not worth the headache, and it’s very, very hard to find income-restricted housing in Savannah. Everybody has a waiting list that’s so long,” Latisha Massawe, Yamacrow Village resident said.

“If you do get a voucher, it’s going to be up to you to find somewhere to go, and, like I said, housing is very limited in Savannah. So, you might get the voucher, and, still, not find somewhere to go. That’s my biggest worry: not having somewhere for me and my kids to live,” she continued.

Executive director of the Housing Authority of Savannah, Earline Davis, says residents in Yamacraw won’t be put out on the street. She tells me that if the apartments are demolished, residents will either be placed in traditional public housing, or the housing authority will put in an application for them to receive a voucher.