SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A few hours after the new Islands Expressway Bridge over the Wilmington River opened, a wreck happened. Residents living near the bridge say it’s not safe, and fear more accidents.

“We got a notification on Wednesday that it was going to be opening overnight on Thursday night,” says Susan Brinkley of the Homeowners Association of Causton Bluff. “So, Friday morning at 6:40 a.m. we had our first accident. We had someone pulling out of here and they were t-boned.”

Residents say the bridge creates a serious problem considering the housing developments on both sides of the road. 

“There have been multiple accidents during the entire bridge construction and we’re going to have that,” Brinkley said. “We know that. But we are begging for safety measures.”

Brinkley told WSAV that calls for a traffic light since construction started have been unsuccessful.

“We were told that our traffic studies didn’t warrant that,” said Brinkley. “And right now we’re being told that the traffic study that was done in 2019. Shows zero warrants for any type of a traffic signal. We would much rather be proactive than reactive. And we just don’t want to have to see fatalities before we get something done.”

Brinkley said a solution is needed sooner than later for everyone’s safety.

County commission Chairman Chester Ellis told WSAV the Georgia Department had a conversation with county staff, engineers and managers on Thursday about the concerns. Ellis said he will be briefed Friday.