SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Saturday served as the first annual Family Affair in Daffin Park.

The fun-for-all event was hosted as a part of Georgia state Rep. Carl Gilliard’s Family Empowerment week.

“This is an opportunity to communicate with them about careers with Savannah Tech, Goodwill industries, we’re promoting that,” Gilliard said. “We have these QR cards that you can scan, go to the website and sign up for school, etc. The other thing is, community partners that will empower. So we have FedEx out here today, new careers, new opportunities.”

The event featured community partners like Savannah Feed the Hungry, local employment opportunities as well as a fishing rodeo in the freshly restocked pond in Daffin Park.

Partners of the event say, events that bring people together are something they’d like to see more of in the community moving forward.

“He’s trying to get the people together. He’s trying to get the people to learn how to live together. They’re trying to get the people closer. We have too much killing in Savannah, we have too much disagreement, we got too many people without a job, so we’re trying to bring the people together,” said Delores Militant of Savannah Feed the Hungry.

According to Rep. Gilliard, bringing local families back together following the COVID-19 pandemic was something he’s had planned for quite some time.

“The big part of it is, going back to COVID, we’ve been locked up for two years, and so we started out with the empowerment summit, we haven’t had the chance to do that in two years, so we had that at Savannah Tech, they helped get people on their feet, the brown bag giveaways, all of that is family because we’re bringing them the materials, we’re giving them food, but now we gotta have some fun and fellowship,” Rep. Gilliard said.