SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — With 469,000 sq. ft. and more than 40 acres, the Savannah Mall was once home to a number a bustling storefront.

Now, with less than a dozen stores remaining, those remaining businesses face an uncertain future.

“At this point and time we have not heard anything from the new owners, at this point we’re still receiving all of our information through social media,” said David Eichelbaum, Owner of The Uniform Source.

The few business owners left at the mall have had little to no contact with the BCHM investment group, the company that purchased the property earlier this month for more than $8M.

“Because of the auction, because of the sale, and everything else most people think that the mall has closed, so it’s definitely affected business very negatively. Our back to school season was about half of what it normally would be,” said Eichelbaum.

With a mounting list of renovations the mall must undergo, like fixing broken escalators, repairing faulty air conditioning and finding homes for the plenty of vacant storefronts, those that are remaining are left wondering what the the future holds?

“Little to no business at all. I mean, only on the weekends really, cause you know a lot of people are visitors from other states and stuff, and stop by and be like ‘dang, what happened to the mall’?” explained Khalil Lonnon, Assistant Manager of Hibbett Sports.

For the few local companies that have toughed it out, they say, they hope to see the property stay as a mall.

But they’re preparing for anything.

“Between myself and the other business owners here, all local business owners, we’ve all been waiting, We’d love to talk to the person, and just hear what their idea is. We all are currently thinking that, well I’m going to start preparing as if I’m moving but I’m still waiting to hear something, hoping we can stay,” said Eichelbaum.

WSAV has reached out to the new property owners about specific plans for the mall, as well as any potential update for what the mall property may become, but have yet to hear back.