SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A popular senior center in Savannah is closing its doors. Generation One is set to close in November, after serving the community for more than two decades.

Members of Generation One said they were shocked to get a letter from the CEO of Memorial Health that told them the program they love and rely on is closing in a few months.

A group is now taking matters into their own hands to find a way to keep the center running

“I think a lot of people will suffer from not having it,” said Generation One member Mary Sokolowski. 

Mary, Joyce, Hilda Fields and Peggy Dubose are all friends because of Generation One. They say the senior center, owned by Memorial Health, offers unique activities they can’t get anywhere else.

“I at first was reluctant because I had heard of senior centers, I had a perception of that,” Field said. “I went to Generation One and discovered a very different kind of activity center there. There were people line dancing, there were people playing cards, playing mahjong.”

Memorial Health is not renewing the lease on the building, which sits on Eisenhower drive, and is set to close on Nov. 11.

Leaving this group of ladies signing petitions, writing letters and contacting city and county leaders to help keep it open.

“It’s just very, very important to us,” Fields said. ”We don’t know who made the decision but we don’t think any of them came and looked at Generation One operating. If they did, we believe they would be much more thoughtful about their decision.” 

A decision Memorial Health Officials say was made to focus more on patient care. But members say the center is a lifeline for many and are hoping they can keep it going.

“I’ve been very active for the last eight and a half years and it’s been wonderful,” Dubose said. “And it’s really sad to think about it closing and losing that outlet.”

In a statement to News 3, Memorial Health said, in part, “We will continue to offer seminars; our educators will continue to provide health education and we are always excited to partner with other organizations to provide health and wellness support to our community.”

WSAV does know the current director of Generation One will move to the hospital to become the community relations manager.