This is an update to a previous story

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Police have located the vehicle of a missing man that was last seen in August.

According to the Savannah Police Department (SPD), the Mercury Grand Marquis that Diontae Roberson was last seen driving was located in Savannah as a result of a tip.

Roberson has yet to be located.

Detectives continue to seek information on the whereabouts of Diontae Robertson. Anyone with information on his whereabouts or information connected to the case are asked to contact SVU detectives at 912-651-6742 or CrimeStoppers at 912-234-2020.

Previous story: SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Diontae Roberson, 32, has been missing for well over a month now. 

He was last seen Aug. 11 in the Tatemville community in Savannah but police now say they believe something might’ve happened to him, and that he may be dead.

“I’m thinking, I’m hoping and I’m praying that you took a break Diontae, from what I don’t know, but we want you back home,” his mother, Kathleen, said somberly.

Kathleen, says she first realized something wasn’t right when Diontae missed his sister’s birthday. That’s when they filed a missing person’s report with the Savannah Police Department (SPD), but now, more than a month later, there’s still no sign of Roberson.

“We believe that something happened to Diontae while he was here in Savannah, and it’s very possible that he’s deceased,” said Sgt. Michael Rowan, Supervisor of Savannah PD’s Special Victims Unit. “But we are here to get the message out there because we want to locate Diontae and bring him back to his family.”

SPD says he was last seen traveling in a tan or silver Mercury Grand Marquis with Georgia tag XVF638. That car has still not been located.

Roberson’s family said they’ve been lost without him and haven’t come to grips with what could be a harsh reality.

“I wake up every morning sending texts to his phone. Every night leaving a video to just sound like I’m, to sound like I’m talking to him,” Kathleen Funkhouse said.

Police believe if Roberson is still alive, he’s likely in the Savannah area where he’s lived for over a decade now.

His sister, Chyna Funkhouse, recalls some of the times they shared. Hoping there are still more happy memories to be made.

“He could draw, he could make you laugh, we used to dance together, we had our rap group in our grandparents’ home together,” Chyna said. “And we’ve been through the loss of both of our grandparents together and that’s the one person in this world that knows everything that I’ve been through, and I’m not ready to stop telling him the things that I’m going through now.”

SPD urge anyone with information on Roberson’s whereabouts to contact their special victims unit at 912-651-6742.