SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The proposed Wetlands Preserve Park and nature trails will be located just north of Enmarket Arena.

City leaders want more input on the project from the people who live in the neighborhood. This week the city hosted a public meeting about the project to hear feedback. 

There is already an $80,000 grant set aside to help pay for it. But first officials want people who live there to be the ones calling the shots about what it should look like. 

We’re told the goal is to have a green space where people can enjoy nature and relax.

It’s one project that the city hopes opens the door to others especially now that the Enmarket Arena has been hosting concerts and sporting events for over a year now.

“The grant that we received is really to engage with the community and find out what they want and so that we have a very resident-centered design that goes forward,” said Nick Deffley, Savannah’s Sustainability Director. 

He continued, “In and around the arena I think and the broader canal district—yeah there’s certainly a lot more hopes and desires for that area. And we are slowly kind of purposely building that out. A lot of it does not have to do directly with the city. It’s just how the neighborhood and the community wants to see it develop and what kind of entities come in to establish there.” 

WSAV News 3 will keep you updated on future public meetings about the project.