SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Memorial Health was placed under a mass casualty code after reports of shots fired at Savannah High School — which turned out to be a hoax.

Once reports confirmed no one was injured, that code was lifted.

Memorial Health said they are ready to respond if something serious were to happen. Health officials from the hospital say they have the medically trained staff ready to make sure patients receive top care.

Dr. James Dunne, Chief of Trauma and Surgical care at Memorial Health said the hospital has resources necessary to treat multiple victims.

“So as a level 1 trauma center, we’re required to have certain resources that other hospitals are not required to have,” Dunne said. “We have a medical team in-house 24/7, including trauma surgeons, and residents that are in-house ready to receive and respond immediately.”

Dunne also said massive efforts are taken throughout the hospital in making sure everyone is treated.

“Clearing beds in the emergency room, we discharge people as much as we can to free up available beds,” Dunne said. “We hold all the operating rooms right now, so not only that one trauma room available, but now we have 10-12 operating rooms available that we wouldn’t normally have on a regular day where a single isolated incident with a gunshot wound.”

And, not leaving the family in the dark is one of the most important communication tools he and his staff have to keep things running smoothly.

“Part of our mass casualty plan is we have a family waiting area so, if a family known that their loved one is injured, we have an area that we can put them in the hospital and we can give them regular updates,” Dunne said.