SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A staple Savannah historic hotel is getting some major renovations. The Mansion On Forsyth will soon be known as the Bardo Hotel.

“There is a lot that’s happening in terms of expansion. However, as far as the exterior of the property concerned that remains the same,” said Pritpal Singh, Left Lane Chief Operating Officer.

Real estate developers with Left Lane say it will open its doors by February 2024.

“This particular property is a medallion for the city of Savannah due to sheer location the history that is associated with this particular property and also the activity that’s evolving,” Singh said. “Activity is now evolving more towards the Victorian District.”

Singh said the success of the past properties keeps them investing in the hostess city which makes them one of the biggest players in Savannah’s hotel industry according to Tourism and Leadership Council CEO Michael Owens.

“Some of the geniuses behind the Perry Lane development are the same ones behind the Left Lane development,” Owens said. “So what we know is not only they are committing a great amount of dollars to our community and providing for more jobs and well-paying jobs, we also know that they’re going to be committed to the community, and that’s an important part about real economic growth.” 

They call their style “riot clash” because it blends materials that aren’t usually paired together, and the new look will be similar to hotel styles from the 1960s.

The hotel will be more than a place to rest, the comfort of the stay will begin once a traveler arrives to the lobby, walking into an active lounge complete with a historic Savannah atmosphere.

“We want to give the guest a sentiment of they’re arriving at a lively bar and a lively lounge or sort of their rich uncle’s mansion,” Singh said with a smile.

There are many new updates the hotel will have. It’ll bump up the number of rooms to 149, add a fitness center and also a spa in the basement, just to name a few.

The hotel will shut down on July 31. The expansion in the back of the hotel will be done by the end of the year but the new Italian restaurant inside the hotel will open on December 15.