SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Prices at the pump are continuing to trend well below the national average in the Peach State.

The average cost of a regular tank of gas in Georgia dropped, going from more than $4 last week to $3.96 a gallon this week.

“We are trending 48 cents less than the national,” said Montrae Waiters, AAA spokesperson.

Drivers in the Peach State are paying less at the pump this week than they did last week, and nearly 50 cents less per gallon than the average American.

“When you look at where we came from to where we are now, it makes a big difference,” Waiters said.

A difference many drivers are noticing.

“I am seeing a little bit of difference,” Katherine Hawthorne said.

Experts say lower costs for crude oil are helping drive prices down at the pump.

“Crude oil accounts for almost half of gas prices,” Waiters said. “When crude oil goes down we see gas prices start to follow suit.”

Waiters says fluctuating demand also impacts what you’re forking out for fuel. She says right now with fewer people hitting the road for summer vacations, demand is lower.

“Demand has also been down a little bit since the boom of summer and folks have not been hitting the road … the fourth of July weekend,” Waiters said.

But not all areas across Georgia are experiencing the same low prices.

“In Savannah, you guys are trending at $4.01, so you are 5 cents above Georgia’s average, but you still see gas prices are still coming down,” Waiters said.

Still, Waiters says for many, even a few cents is a big help.

“When you think about folks that have to drive to work everyday folks that have to drive for a living, it makes a big difference to your wallet as far as gas prices are concerned,” Waiters said.

WSAV asked one resident if he’s noticing the difference.

“Yes I have, even with, I cut grass and just trying to get gas for it, it’s heavy, the prices are so high,” John Jackson said. “It made a big difference.”

But waiters says not to get too comfortable with these prices just yet.

“We don’t know where gas prices are headed within the next couple of weeks,” Waiters said.

Earlier this month, Gov. Brian Kemp signed an executive order extending the temporary gas tax suspension through Aug. 13 and the state’s sales tax collection on locomotive fuel.