SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Every week, people facing homelessness in the Hostess City have a place they can go to find food, supplies and someone to talk to.

It’s all the effort of a local woman, and her ministry of support, working to provide a safe place to go and better yet, hope.

“It keeps me off the street. There’s nothing out there,” Denita Mitchell said. “There’s nothing out there for me to do right now.”

Mitchell was born and raised in Savannah and is a member of the city’s homeless population. She said Christ Church Anglican on Bull Street is a weekly respite from her harsh reality.

Q: “What would you be doing?”

A: “I’d be out there doing drugs… yeah.”

Every Thursday people like Denita can go there for a hot meal, a movie and more.

“Hygiene products, clothes, shoes. They give us blankets and everything,” Mitchell said.

The driving force behind this effort of service is The Dive Savannah, a catering company with a strong outreach program, founded by Kristy Crill.

“This is a chance for them to get something done with their life, a bus ticket to go back to their city of origin, a job, get started on a place to live, get started in coming off the streets,” Crill said. “We don’t believe they can stay out there. We believe in speaking life into them.”

To that end, Crill spends a lot of her own money. She said a 19-year battle with severe mental illness helps her relate to some of the people she serves.

“When you’re in the situation, you don’t need somebody circling your well telling you how to get out,” Crill said. “You need somebody that’s been in that well, hopping in and saying ‘I know it’s cold down here, I know it’s dark down here, but when you’re ready by God we’re coming out.'” 

Crill’s outreach extends beyond the church walls. On Fridays her team heads out into the streets, helping those without a home make it through the weekend — when she says resources aren’t as readily available.

“Let’s go somewhere today. Let’s get in the car and let’s go to rehab,” Crill said. “Let’s get in the car and let’s go to Gateway. Let’s do something today. It’s today.”

The weekly day center at Christ Church Anglican runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

They’re always looking for volunteers and donations. For more information about The Dive Savannah, and how you can help, click or tap here.