SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah Supports Ukraine held a Ukrainian Christmas Market to raise funds for aid relief Monday afternoon.

Less than two months will be one year since Russia attacked Ukraine, and local refugees and volunteers are making sure this country is not forgotten about this Christmas.

Savannah Supports Ukraine, a local non-profit hosted a Ukrainian Christmas Market at Forsyth Park to raise money for aid relief. The market was full of goods people could buy including Ukrainian pastries and drinks. They also had authentic crafts like Flags and trinkets.

Uliana Gonzalez, founder and leader of Savannah Supports Ukraine says she wants to send the Christmas spirit over to her native country because she knows they need it most.

“We are collecting help here and we’ll be able to send it over there to bring Christmas spirit from Savannah to Ukraine,” Gonzalez said.

Thomas Edging, a volunteer for the non-profit organization said he has a personal connection to Ukraine and it’s something he had to be a part of.

“Christmas time is a very important time in most of people’s lives and with the crisis in that’s going on in Ukraine, this underlines the need to give back and do all that we can to help support,” Edging said. “I have family there so, it’s personal, and uh I think it’s a wonderful thing to see so many people to come out and contribute and help.”

The last ten months have not been an easy journey for the country of Ukraine, and with just a little bit of support can help these citizens rebuild.

“It’s still happening, people are still dying so, this is a great time to step up that effort, whatever it is you can do. There’s no shame if don’t have a lot of money, but you’re a person, you can give of yourself and I think that’s probably the biggest best contribution that anybody could make.”