SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A chance of a lifetime for a group of local musicians.

The band DRAUCKER from Savannah hit the stage Wednesday night at Enmarket arena to open for Bon Jovi. The band had a five days notice before opening for Bon Jovi here at the arena. Members say they were thrilled about the opportunity.

“OK so we found out Saturday night,” says Chris Draucker, lead guitar and vocals. “We were playing a show down in Florida. Our manager looks at her phone and basically goes ‘Oh my God.’ I just start losing my mind screaming. He’s screaming. I’m hearing every single distorted voice on the other side of the phone.”

After forming nearly five years ago, the band gets to play their biggest gig yet. It’s a moment members say they’ve all been waiting for.

“For me, I’ve been thinking about this day playing in my first arena my whole life,” said Draucker. “Just having the opportunity to do it is absolutely incredible. And I know these guys have been thinking about this day for a very long time too.”

DRAUCKER’s big break comes after entering a contest to open for the legendary rock band. It’s part of Bon Jovi’s ongoing push to give local bands more exposure.

“Bon Jovi was doing a competition for local artists and so we were playing outside the arena right out there,” says DRAUCKER’s percussion member, Tyler Weibel. “It was for The Eagles’ show and so we took a video of one of our original songs that night, put it together and submitted that and that’s the video that ended up winning the competition.”

And the show Wednesday is drastically different from what they are used to.

“Most of our gigs we play like three hours of cover songs,” said Weibel. “We do like two or three of our originals in there. So, this is just 20 minutes of just pure original music. So, it’s nice to be able to have a chance to go full in on our original sound and not have to play any covers or anything like that. And not for a full three hours.”

If anyone is interested in seeing DRAUCKER, they’ll be in town this weekend, starting Friday at Starland Yard and Saturday at Plant Riverside District.