SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Freezing temperatures can be dangerous and even deadly for people and pets. Now is the time to make a plan for your family to stay safe.

The volunteers at Renegade Paws Rescue are working with the city to offer a pet-friendly warming center this weekend at the Tompkins Community Center and they have some important information about staying safe in this weather.

Volunteers at Renegade Paws rescue say the number of stray and roaming animals in Savannah is steadily increasing and they urge people to keep their pets in mind.

“We have unseasonably cold weather coming through our area and there are a lot of folks that aren’t necessarily accustomed to keeping pets indoors all the time so we want to make sure people remember if you’re cold, they’re cold,” Cody Shelley said. “This is a safety issue, exposure is extremely dangerous, so as the temperatures drop and especially as the wind chill starts to kick in, please bring your pets indoors.”

For those that may need to use a warming center this weekend due to colder temperatures the City of Savannah is working with Renegade Paws to create a pet-friendly warming center at the Tompkins Community Center

“We are really excited that the City of Savannah is opening a warming center on Ogeechee as colder temperatures start to begin and pets are going to be welcome, so it’s not going to be a prohibiting factor for folks that need to warm up, if they have pets they’ll still be able to bring them,” Shelley said.

But the bottom line from workers at shelters is if you don’t think you have a reliable source of heat, go to a warming center.

“The work is extremely important because it makes the difference between living and dying for some people, can die of exposure on real cold nights,” Larry McDaniel said. “So many of the homeless people, they don’t have warm clothing, they don’t have any dry place to be, and so for us to be able to offer them clothing, warm winter coats, or temporary shelter, it can make the difference on whether they survive this season.

Both Renegade Paws and the Old Savannah City Mission are accepting clothing donations right now and say giving warm jackets towels or blankets is extremely helpful.