SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As the Savannah Mayoral election is just six months away, one of the candidates is claiming someone is stealing her campaign signs.

Post 1 At-Large Kesha Gibson-carter said her signs have been missing from private property. In a Facebook post – Gibson-carter wrote that a city worker dug up her signs from someone’s home.

She has also filed at least eight police reports but no one has been arrested and the police told WSAV they have no suspects. Her campaign manager, her husband, says the signs started missing in March.

“These signs have also been taken by staff, city staff,” Sam Carter said. “We want to let people know that the abuse of power is coming from the city. People do not have the authority to squash our first amendment right and take it outside when they own private property. From the beginning, our signs were always on private property. It is not your right just to take our signs when they are on private property.”

WSAV asked Mayor Van Johnson about the accusations.

“I didn’t steal them,” Johnson said and then shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Johnson also said the city doesn’t remove signs from private property and will only remove signs that violate city code.

“There are also signs of the place in right-of-ways, which is illegal and they shouldn’t be placed there and we see them in right-of-ways and I’ve directed my team, ‘we’re not doing that.’ And so if you put them in right-of-ways, they will be removed.”

He said sanitation workers and code enforcers remove and store the signs in those cases.

“We have a place where they go. We don’t destroy them,” Johnson said. “We just take them to a place and they’re there. And candidates from time to time will go to this sign graveyard, so to speak, and determine what they want to resurrect some of those signs.”

The Gibson-Carter campaign acknowledged that they were told some of their signs are in that so-called “sign graveyard.”

During her time on city council, Gibson-Carter has clashed with other council members and Johnson many times. At one point calling another Alderman racist and saying another Alderman is a pedophile.