SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Thrive Express Savannah provides no-cost women’s health care, among the many resources Thrive provides is post-abortion recovery.

“We have a lot of women come in and tell us the rest of the story,” said Paula Kinard, executive director, Thrive express Savannah. “Again, we will remain here the same. I do believe that there will probably be a greater need of help to come alongside young women.”

Kinard shares the concern that overturning Roe v. Wade would put women’s health at greater risk should they need to seek an abortion far from where they live.

“I do know that the abortion industry really plays down the health risk that abortion brings,” Kinard said. “And we deal with the aftermath of a lot of abortions with young women.”

States including Georgia and South Carolina have already passed laws that would restrict abortion should the justices decide to strike down roe.

Gov. Brian Kemp said in a statement that he will continue to fight for pro-life laws. And Gov. Henry McMaster had this reaction to the possibility that abortion would lose protection at the federal level.

“I’d be very pleased with it, ” McMaster said. “The current law I believe and always have does not have a basis in the U.S. Constitution in my opinion.”

Regardless, Thrive wants women to know they are there for them.

“We just believe there’s much to be desired in the world of helping young women that might be in distress,” says Kinard. “That don’t have a lot of money, that don’t have a loud voice politically and so we want to be here quietly to be their support.”