SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — You may have noticed even more congestion on and around I-16 and one of the long-term headaches is on Tremont Road at I-16.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has closed Tremont Road, along that stretch, while construction crews work on the I-16 bridges.

If you’re on Tremont, north of the interstate, you’ll need to take Telfair Road, to West Gwinnett, and hop onto 516, where you can take exit 4 onto Tremont.

If you’re south of 16, take 516 westbound to West Gwinnett, then turn onto Telfair Road to get back to Tremont. Mayor Van Johnson said the inconvenience will be worth it, for the city.

“The completed project will improve traffic flow and enhance safety and operational efficiencies for passenger and heavy freight vehicles,” Johnson said. “With the deepening of the Port of Savannah more freight traffic is anticipated, and so this project will allow for great capacity for both the freight and passenger vehicle traffic.”

Tremont will be closed through May 2023.

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