SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Roger Moss. His name is now in Savannah’s history books, after the elections board certified the school board race results today making him the first Black in the county to ever hold the position.

Something Moss was not aware of until after the election.

“You know when we were doing the campaign, I didn’t realize that,” Moss said. “You know I was just running for office. And just recently we realized the significance, the historic significance.”

It comes full circle for Moss who grew up as a kid in segregated schools, to become a leader that parents, teachers and students will all now look to.

“What’s remarkable about this is that you know I went to segregated schools,” says Moss. “And to go from there to being, you know, the first African American head of a board of education in a southern state it’s very humbling.”

And now that Moss is in charge, he wants all the students he governs to have the same opportunities.

“The top priority is making sure that every child in every school gets a quality education,” Moss said. “Has the same opportunities, expectations. To expect the same from all of our students.”

He hopes COVID stays in the rear-view mirror and that students can stick with in person learning.

“That plan has to take into consideration that at all possible our kids need to be in school. They need to be in a classroom.”

Moss also told News 3 he wants to make it a priority to be more transparent with the facility and parents.