WASHINGTON (WSAV) – President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden welcomed the Louisiana State University’s women’s basketball team to the White House Friday afternoon to celebrate their NCAA championship win.

Savannah native Flau’Jae Johnson was there, who helped the Lady Tigers with 10 points, seven rebounds and four assists to LSU’s 102-85 win against the University of Iowa.

LSU’s invite became a source of controversy after the first lady said Iowa’s team should also come to Washington for playing “such a good game.”

LSU star Angel Reese called the invitation “A JOKE” in a tweet.

The White House later clarified that only the Lady Tigers were invited.

All were in good spirits on Friday.

“In this room, I see the absolute best of the best,” the first lady said.

“Watching you was pure magic,” she continued. “The way you pass like you could read each other’s thoughts. The air crackling with the electricity of that connection. The crowd seemed to breathe with one breath. Our hearts racing to the rhythm of each thump of the ball. Every basket was pure joy.”

The Bidens were presented with custom LSU jerseys by Reese and Emily Ward, co-captains of the team.

“Again, I want to congratulate you,” the president said. “I assume I’ll be seeing you next year and next year.”