SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — For the first time, WSAV heard from the family of Savannah Police Officer Reginald Brannan Jr. He was killed Monday in a crash, while on his way home from work.

“Emotions that I would never wish this on anybody, you know, the loss of a child,” said Reginald Brannan, the father of Officer Reginald Brannan Jr.

Brannan says the night of his son’s crash, he rushed to the hospital. About 30 minutes later, his only son was gone.

“They let us see him, and I viewed him. I gave him my love and a kiss on the forehead,” Brannan said. “It’s a bad hurt that you’re never really going to get off of in your life. It’s something you’re going to live with until you die.” 

Brannan says his grief, still fresh, comes in waves, for a good son who respected and helped others and touched a lot of lives in just 23 years.

“We think it is a short period, but my firm belief is God does no wrong, and I believe in that firmly in my heart,” Brannan said. “So, you know, I know he’s up there now with God.”

Brannan says Reginald Jr. had a passion for law enforcement, working with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office before joining the Savannah Police Department in December 2020.

“He would come by here and stop. It makes a father feel good when you see your son in uniform, doing the right things,” Brannan said. “You know, that’s a great feeling. A really great feeling.”

Reginald Jr. was a father himself, to daughter Melonie and son Chosen.

And for all the joy he brought to others, and the service he provided to his community, his children will be his lasting legacy. 

“They are a part of him. He left a part of him in them,” Brannan said. “And it’s a great thing, yeah. It’s a beautiful thing.”

There is a GoFundMe setup in Reginald Jr.’s name. WSAV wants to clarify that the money will go to help his children and not his funeral expenses, as previously reported.

The family told News 3 that Officer Brannan’s funeral is set for Saturday Sept. 10 at 10 a.m. at Jonesville Baptist Church.