SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) — Two former Savannah police officers are now facing a civil lawsuit by the man who says they and the City of Savannah violated his rights.

Darryl Faitele says he was “abused” by officers during an April 2020 warrant sweep. Now he says someone needs to pay for his pain and suffering that day and beyond.

“I was horrified,” said Savannah Mayor Van Johnson in 2020. “As someone who served as a law enforcement officer and a member of this community, I felt personally that it was absolutely inappropriate.”

Those feelings were expressed by the Mayor after he saw the body camera video of an incident in April 2020.

Read the full lawsuit below.

An incident that led to Sgt. Octavio Arango was charged by a Chatham County Grand Jury with Felony false imprisonment and Misdemeanor simple battery.

Former SPD Sgt Octavio “Mike’ Arango is facing false imprisonment and simple battery charges

A warrant sweep where Savannah officers, including Arango and CPL Daniel Kang, looking for a suspect, Khalil Kelly.

The officers say they saw someone looking out from a door at the Moss Pointe Apartments who looked like Kelly, Darryl Faitele, and broke down his door.

That’s where it went wrong according to Faitele in a lawsuit filed in Chatham County Court.

Darryl Faitele is filing a civil lawsuit against the City of Savannah and Two former SPD officers

Faitele says Arango “body-slammed” him to the ground, “punched him in the face” and “squeezed his eyes until blood vessels broke”.

Then despite the fact, he told the officers he was not Kelly and even though they saw an ID, he was still held and detained.

He was bloodied on the chin, a wound which eventually needed stitches, Faitele says.

The lawsuit says Arango then put a knee on his head and pulled his t-shirt over Faitele’s head, even though Faitele says he told the Sgt. “I can’t breathe”.

Daniel Kang was fired from SPD after the incident. Is currently suing the City for wrongful termination

Then the suit adds that Arango verbally abused him, calling him a “cry baby” and then telling him that he hoped “he would go to jail and catch corona”.

The lawsuit accuses the officers of not following the law, and the city for knowing Arango’s violent nature but still not adopting clear policies on how to deal with suspects.

After the police advisory board watched the body camera video, Arango and Kang were fired.

Their appeals were denied by Chief Roy Minter.

Arango is still awaiting trial in June on his criminal charges.

Kang was not charged but is suing the city civilly for wrongful termination.

The officers told News 3, and wrote in their appeals in 2020 that Faitele was taken to the ground. After he “disregarded several commands”. Later he allegedly spit blood on the officers once, and there was a concern he would do it again.

Q: “You believe what they did was in policy?
A: “Absolutely,” said Arango’s attorney Michael Schiavone. “There is nothing in the video or anything they did that could rise to the level of being criminal.”

“What they did they had to do for safety purposes to protect not just themselves but the individual and everyone else in the apartment.”

Darryl Faitele may not have been arrested the day of this incident, but was caught and charged during a different incident three months later, in July of 2020, for two counts of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during a felony.

Faitele was indicted in October of 2021 and is still awaiting trial.

News 3 asked the City of Savannah for comment on the lawsuit. The City says it does not comment on any pending lawsuits.