SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah crews cleaned large amounts of trash out of its drains over the weekend.

It’s drawing the attention of city leaders for the amount of littering – but also the threat of possible flooding due to clogged drains. It’s been such an issue in District 6ix that the alderman addressed the issue with News 3.

“It’s frustrating for us,” said Alderman Kurtis Purtee.

The alderman took to Facebook to share a graphic example of how littering can affect a community.   

He says this is what was recently pulled out of a residential drain – a large amount of trash and lawn debris.

“This particular spot that we cleaned out was a problem area for us,” says Purtee. “We’ve had similar instances throughout the sixth district and actually throughout the city. Just litter, trash, cups, trash bags.”

Purtee says people put almost anything in the drains.

“City crews have even pulled out dirty diapers out of stormwater areas.” 

That leads to clogged drains which lead to flooding.

Purtee says the problem could be more troublesome for people who live in the 6th District. 

“Anything that’s close to the marsh edge,” said Purtee. “You know the backside of Windsor Forest. Really it can happen anywhere but your low-lying spots that we’re really concerned about and anything that is adjacent to a waterway is really concerning.”

Purtee also reminded residents – that you can’t sweep or leaf blow yard work debris on the roadways or into drains.

“It’s illegal to blow trash debris and all kinds of stuff in the roadway, yard waste,” said Purtee. “It ultimately leads to what we see as clogged drains. Nine times out of 10 when there are flooding issues on the southside, it’s because we have a clogged drain.” 

If you’re caught red-handed – you could be fined up to $1000 depending on the situation.

According to the city, leaves and grass cuttings should be bagged in biodegradable brown bags and placed curbside along with your cart to be collected weekly, the day following regular curbside refuse collection. There is a 15-bag limit weekly.

Contact 912-651-6582 for further information. Service requests should be called into 311.

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