SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — After the third floor of the federal courthouse in Downtown Savannah collapsed last April- federal employees say the money for construction has run out.

“We’re all frustrated, were frustrated with the timeline that keeps extending. Obviously, it needs to get done, but this is never good for business,” said John Miller owner of Liquid Sands Art Gallery.

Business owners say that the delays in construction are bad for business.

“Having the cranes outside, it’s affected our outside tables. It’s been frustrating,” Todd Whitaker, co-owner of Wright Square Bistro explained.

When the project started in 2021, nearby business owners say they received letters from federal contractors warning them of future road closures. Since the project was extended- they say communication has weakened.

“We haven’t heard much from the city at all. In the past, I got messages from contractors and stuff, but I haven’t heard anything at all,” Miller said.

When the project was first announced, it was scheduled to be completed in 2023. It was then pushed back to 2024. But after the collapse, it’s expected to take until 2026.

The memo says $70 million of funding was allocated for the project, and all of that money has been spent.

However, the project is only 30% done, according to the General Services Administration.