SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Construction continues on one of the busiest streets in downtown Savannah.

It’s been years since the Broughton Streetscapes Project first began, and many are wondering when it will finally end.

Good things come to those who wait and after speaking with the mayor, it looks like the City of Savannah won’t be waiting much longer. 

“I’m apologetic for how long it’s taken, but I’m happy about the results,” said Savannah Mayor Van Johnson.

“We’re halfway done,” Johnson continued. “Work on the second block from Bull to Whitaker is underway and we remain on track to meet the two-week timeline.”

The brick paver replacement from Bull to Whitaker could be finished as soon as Friday. If completed on time, Johnson says there will not be any more road closures or traffic disruptions directly related to the Streetscapes Project. 

“I think we have been transparent. I said before…I believe before the holidays that we were going to open,” said Johnson. “We wanted to open. It was necessary for us to open, but there was going to be some construction that had to be done and that’s why we put the temporary pavers down.”  

Johnson said all that’s left is some minor landscaping work to beautify the area and reiterated that no road closures or traffic disruptions will occur because of it.

The mayor also had a message for frustrated business owners and residents affected by the lengthy project.

“Business owners…before I got into office said they wanted this,” said Johnson. “Number two, the voters of this community voted to approve this and although we’ve had our challenges to include COVID, to include issues with contractors, at times, we kept pushing through.” 

More importantly, Johnson spoke on the underground infrastructure changes that replaced 100-year-old pipes under Broughton Street, making for better water flow and utility service.