SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Broughton Streetscapes Project has been in the works for years now. Many intersections of the street have already been completed, but local businesses are not quite happy with the final product. 

“Definitely not like the best,” said Chole Adler, the Assistant Manager of Impeccable Pig. “Construction has definitely halted foot traffic and like actual traffic, so a lot of people have not been coming downtown.”

The clothing boutique went from summer to fall fashion inside, but outside, the impact of the work supposed to bring in people has not lived up to the expectations to these local shops on Broughton. 

“It’s also just kind of been an inconvenience because, like bricks are lying places and trash,” Adler said.

Multiple other businesses WSAV spoke with Thursday felt the same way, just disappointed in the overall landscape. However, according to Mayor Van Johnson, the city’s hands are currently tied. 

“This has not been a very easy process. It’s still contracted property, so it’s not under the city’s control,” Johnson said.

Businesses are now wondering if this is what the whole project amounted to, a failed one. 

“It shouldn’t be the final product,” Adler said. “And it’s also kind of crazy they’ve taken this long only to have it be not as good as it should be.”

Johnson is asking businesses and residents who live nearby to remain patient, saying there is a light at the end of the tunnel and eventually, Broughton Street will be complete and ready for everyone to take a stroll.

“We now have a date of mid-November to be finished,” Johnson said. The mayor adds, he expects that everyone’s questions and concerns will be answered.

“It’s hazardous and unsightly,” Johnson said. “So, I suspect and expect it will be addressed.”