SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Nearly 50 military aircraft from all across the country took place in this once-a-year training exercise, featuring some of the military’s most impressive fighter jets.

They call it the premiere exercise of the Air National Guard.

“We have about 48 aircraft here training to the fourth and fifth-generation tactics against a near pure threat,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Tracker Thomas, Exercise Director for Sentry Savannah. “So, we’re using our air space here with the CRTC that stretches from Charleston down to Orlando. It’s one of the only airspaces in the United States where we’re able to execute the blue tactics.”

The exercise gives pilots an opportunity to test their skills, and apply the necessary tactics they would need if the duty calls.

This is one of only four combat readiness training centers in existence, but it could be closed as part of President Joe Biden’s budget proposal for 2023.

“We could be on the brink of World War 3, and here we have a President who has submitted a budget that does have some good things in it, but unfortunately suggests that we close down a Combat Readiness Training Center, we ought to be doing just the opposite. This is so vitally important, particularly in this day and time,” said Rep. Buddy Carter, (R) Georgia.

According to Carter, this issue has brought him and Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff together. They say, they can’t understand why a combat readiness training center would be shuttered at this particular time.

Carter says the impact would not only be felt nationally but locally as well.

“We’ve got 117 jobs at stake here. We’ve got representatives here from the local chamber of commerce, the ripple effect that all that has and the numbers that they’ve shared with us, the impact it could have on hotel rooms, on our economy is substantial,” Carter explained.

If Biden’s budget is approved, the center could close as soon as April of 2023.