SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – This may be Bethany Moultry’s first time volunteering at Emmaus House in Savannah, but helping others is nothing new to the 7-year-old.

She’s made it her mission to show people who don’t have a lot that they matter.

“I don’t want them to feel like they’re forgotten, or people don’t care about them,” Bethany said while volunteering Wednesday morning.

When she was just 5, Bethany saw a person asking for money on the street. Her mom, Colleen Moultry, says it sparked something within her.

“She asked if she could open up her piggy bank and give them all of her money,” Colleen recalled, “and so at that point, I kind of knew, you know, we can either ignore this, and I could teach my 5-year-old that that’s OK to do or we could do something about it.”

They decided to give away care packages to the homeless. Each one is filled with essentials like food and first-aid products.

Bethany calls them her “Happy Bags.”

“Because it’s a bag, and when they get it, I want them to feel happy. That’s why I call them Happy Bags,” she said.

In 2021 alone, she gave away 2,600 gallon-size survival kits.

Bethany plans to distribute twice as many in 2022 — and says she won’t stop there.

“When I’m a grown-up, I want to… well let me think… make houses for the homeless people,” she said, “like permanent housing and schools and that stuff, and I want this to keep going until there’s no homeless people left.”

And with a spirit like that, she just might pull it off.

Bethany gets her supplies for each bag from donations. If you’d like to help her, you can check out her wish list on Facebook.