SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Who needs a canvas and an easel to create art, when you have sprawling sidewalks, a bit of chalk and a whole lot of creativity?

This weekend, Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD) students turned Forsyth Park into a museum for the annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival.

Karina Cruz Ortiz: “Everything we do is to share our art, our talent, our ambitions with the peopel, so everything we do the more people we reach, the better it is and the more our mission it basically accomplished,” said Karina Cruz Ortiz, SCAD student.

For many of us, chalk brings back memories of math problems scrawled out on a blackboard, or maybe a game of Hopscotch. However, this treasured SCAD tradition proves that in the right hands, chalk can turn a simple walkway into a work of art.

“It’s exciting to be able to have an opportunity for people to enjoy art where they don’t have to go behind a paywall or don’t have to go to a museum or anything just out with the community,” said another SCAD student, Calder Robinson.

It may be a competition, but the students say it’s about so much more than who wins.

“It has been a project that’s brought us closer together as friends and helped us get to know each other better as artists,” explained Lea Bagi, SCAD student representative.

It is also an opportunity for these young artists to send a message through their work.

“We have themes of love, themes of peace but also of school spirit and replicating famous works of art so really being in touch with what the students are really passionate about,” said SCAD official, Michelle Gavin.

Illustrated through the sprawling squares of vibrant color, striking portraits, symbols and sketches, are themes close to the students hearts.

“The symbolism of our piece is sharing knowledge and love and peace,” continued Bagi.

Bringing hundreds together with some sidewalk chalk and a vision…

“Things that they think would actually separate us actually unite us like art, it’s something that brought us here together,” echoed Sophia Mogames, SCAD student and participant.

SCAD announced the top winners of the sidewalk arts festival this evening. The winners are listed below.

  • The Peace Award – Olivia Williams
  • The Love Award – Kassidy Keenehan
  • The Homage Award – Yashvi Goel and Parth Bansal
  • The Student Spirit Award – Val Slivka, Margaux Menand, Marie Alvizo, Alex Putprush, Julia Paiewonsky, and Caleigh Steele

Each winning group was able to take home $3000.