Savannah woman provides meals for medical professionals with help of Facebook group

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – With the help of her community, one Savannah woman is making sure first responders have a good meal to keep them going.

It all started as a simple idea about a week ago.

“I thought it’d be nice to feed the ER doctors and nurses and staff that were working so hard in the face of this pandemic,” said Jennifer Green.

A week later, Green has helped raise over $16,000 to provide meals for those protecting the community.

She created the Facebook group Meals for Medical as a way to organize all the voices asking how they can help her.

“I’m a PA by trade,” explained Green, “so I know what it’s like to work the hard hours, the rough hours.”

“It’s very very nice when someone gives you a little thank you. And sometimes food is the best way to give that thank you,” she said.

Through her Facebook group, Green keeps track of the different deliveries she makes every day and highlights some of the local businesses that donate food and money to her cause.

The day Green spoke to NOW, she was making a delivery at the Chatham Emergency Medical Services Station 1 on White Bluff Road.

Super Baked Pizza delivered, at least, a dozen pies and wings. Lyndsee Homberger, one of the workers from Super Baked Pizza, said they’re happy to help because of the business Green is giving them.

“Before she contacted me, I guess a week or two ago, we were doing really good right before Saint Patrick’s Day. Then this thing hit and it was like boom, it killed business,” said Homberger. “It was crazy.”

Local businesses are not the only ones who have had to adjust since the pandemic began.

First responders tell NOW they’re facing a lot of new obstacles because of how infectious COVID-19 is.

Marquis Ingram, an EMT Basic with Chatham County, says a normal call for someone with a fever and a cough has turned into a potentially dangerous situation.

“Now we have to put on a smock, put on our mask, put on gloves, put on goggles, get them to where they’re going, ask them a couple of questions,” said Ingram.

He says they also face challenges when they arrive at hospitals because of the chances of unknowingly exposing hospital personnel.

At the end of every shift, they have to clean their equipment, use fog to disinfect the inside of the ambulances, change their clothing and shower just to make sure they’re protecting themselves.

Something as simple as a meal can bring a lot of joy for first responders at the end of a rough day.

“People call and it’s like ‘What can we do to help?’ And we don’t want to say ‘We’re hungry, we’re hungry,'” said Ingram. “So it’s nice that they come in and it’s a different variety of food every day.”

Learn more about Green’s efforts and find out how you can donate money by visiting her Facebook group here.

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