Savannah woman claims stormwater is draining away from retention pond and towards her house

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- A woman reached out to News 3 because she said excess water that should be draining into a retention pond is ending up under her house.

Janice Mosher said a simple rainfall can turn her backyard on Jordan Drive into a small pond.

“Slowly, but surely the runoff water is going towards our backyard instead of in this retention pond where you see here,” said Mosher. “It’s caused our pipes in our house to be displaced and our house to sink.” 

Mosher said someone from the Storm Water Department dug out a channel pointing away from the pond. This happened a little over two weeks ago.

“She didn’t want to acknowledge what kind of report she was going to give about it, like what they were going to do about this problem or anything,” said Mosher. “They don’t have an answer.”

She is also worried about constant running water just outside her house.

According to a sign posted by the city, this area is a stormwater basin designed to be a wetland.

They said it’s because wetlands are very good for improving water quality, providing flood control, and enhancing wildlife habitats.

“I am not understanding why they created this here,” said Mosher. “Water does not go uphill and it has to go uphill to come into this place right here.”

A spokesperson with the city said retention ponds should alleviate stormwater flooding in and around homes and pavement.

Mosher said the inspector plans to come back and review the issue on Thursday. Stay with News 3 as we continue to follow this story. 


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