SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Chatham County joins the world in mourning Queen Elizabeth II. I talked to two local mayors about their memories of her majesty.

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson told me he was hurt when he heard about the queen’s passing.

Johnson: “I felt like I had lost a grandma, an auntie or something. I never met her, but I felt like I knew her. I felt some sense of loss. She’s been queen since I’ve been on earth. So I’ve witnessed, at least her public life, through my life.”

Tina Tyus-Shaw: I’m interested in knowing your impression of how the queen influenced world events, particularly U.S./British relations?

Johnson: “Well, she was always a lady. Always dignified, always very stoic, always excellent, always proper at the right times. But I think we all viewed her through triumph, through tragedy, through good times, through really bad times. Managing public criticism at times, and yet she did that all with grace. So for people like me, you watch those kinds of examples and just try to do the best that you can.”

Tyus-Shaw: I’m wondering how you think the Queen helped mold the whole ‘working woman balancing life’ thing? after all, she was a mother, a wife, and a grandmother.

Johnson: “Yeah, I mean what a great example. But you never got the feeling that as important as she was or the work that she was doing that there was a loss in the family.”

Johnson: “Somehow or another you just knew that the Queen managed those relationships. In the moment, in the twinkling of an eye, Prince Charles is now King Charles III.

Tyus-Shaw: How do you think he will be received?

Johnson: “I think he will get some grace. He’ll get some grace because of his mom. We all live on the prayers and the reputations of those that precedes us.”

Johnson said the City of Savannah and the United Kingdom have a special relationship because of traditions general James Oglethorpe brought from England to Savannah.

The mayor has ordered all flags on city buildings at half staff. Also, the city is planning a bells and lights observance in honor of her majesty. 

Here’s how Tybee Island Mayor Shirley Sessions is remembering her majesty.

“Queen Elizabeth’s majestic presence led and united her countries through decades of change.  She was an unforgettable example of just how effective