SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — This week, in partnership with the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), Savannah Technical College (STC) is recognizing National Adult Education and Family Literacy week.

“This is a week that occurs each year and it is about public service of what adult education is. It’s a partnership between federal and state and localities to provide free adult education services to individuals who are seeking their high school equivalency or trying to learn English as a second language,” said Jacqueline E. Korengel, Ed. D., Dean of Adult Education at STC.

STC offers adult education courses to assist those who didn’t finish high school to get the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for their high school equivalency (HiSET) or General Educational Development (GED) exam. Photo courtesy of WSAV’s Angel Colquitt.

More than 30 million Americans over 25, or one of ten U.S. citizens, do not have a high school diploma. 

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job growth for individuals without a high school diploma or some college experience is about zero or even negative. By 2024, 48% of job openings will be middle-skill and 32% will be high-skill. This means that in less than three years, nearly 80% of all job openings will require more than a high school degree.

For adults without a high school diploma, Korengel said STC can help them get their high school equivalency.

“We’re also helping those who may speak a native language that are looking to speak English so that they can obtain jobs as well. We prepare students to transition to secondary education,” Korengel said. “We know that there is a need for post-secondary education, at least some post-secondary education, in order to get a good job and to have a living wage.”

Korengel continued, “The beauty of having adult education at Savannah Tech is that we can help students transition to post-secondary education, whether that’s skill development, or credit-bearing courses for diplomas, certificates, degree’s so that we can get them in the job market and they can be successful.”

COABE promotes adult education and literacy programs, including Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Family Literacy, Skills Development, Workforce Development, and other state, federal, and private programs that assist undereducated and/or disadvantaged adults to function effectively.

For more information about National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, click or tap here.