Savannah State reopens Student Union nearly a month after closing

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah State University (SSU) officials reopened the Student Union Friday after being closed for nearly a month.

The Student Union was originally shut down for “food-related concerns” back in January, which prompted an investigation from the Environmental Health Department of the Coastal Health District.

The health department gave the green light for the Student Union to reopen on Feb. 10, after a licensed company fumigated the facility.

Students who spoke to News 3 say they’re extremely excited to have the hub of student activity back open on campus.

“I’m glad they fixed it,” said SSU student Janice Baker. “I’m glad that they handled it and I’m glad that we can move on.”

As part of the reopening event, all food options in the Student Union were available again.

“I’m going to eat the mac ‘n cheese,” said Baker. “I was going to eat the food regardless […] [be]cause I trust them folks back there.

“Mistakes happen. I worked in fast food before so I know what’s up.”

Earlier this month, students and family members began calling for a refund from the university for their meal plans.

In a statement to News 3, university officials said they would consider their options for meal plan compensation for students.

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