Savannah police remind pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists to slow down

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Five weeks into the new year, and there have been three crashes involving pedestrians and a bicyclist.

According to Savannah Police, on Sunday, January 27, a person was struck on White Bluff Road and Montgomery Crossroad.

Monday, January 28,  63-year-old, Robert Fristoe, was hit and killed while riding his bike. Tuesday, January 29, another person was struck at Abercorn Street and Idlewood Drive.

Police say this a low lit area where another crash involving a pedestrian happened in 2018.

According to Savannah Police in 2018, there were:

15 pedestrian crashes with serious injuries

4 pedestrian crashes with non-serious injuries

10 pedestrian crashes with fatalities

6 bicycle-involved crashes with serious injuries

0 bicycle-involved crashes with fatalities

Officers say they’re worried, mostly because of the circumstances surrounding recent crashes. They say contributing factors are dark clothing, low light areas, and those who are not using the crosswalk.

“Be aware of each other. And what I mean by that pedestrians walk where there is a lighted area at, walk with the crosswalk and not against the light itself. And motorists pay close attention to all of our people who are out and about throughout our community,” Lt. Torrance Garvin said. 

Garvin said another part of the problem is people aren’t aware of their surroundings.

“Tourists are paying attention to the map or trying to find a destination to go to. People, in general, have the iPhones on or walking and texting and doing everything else. Not paying attention when they come up to the intersection or the crosswalk,” he said. “Motorists are basically doing the same thing too.”

News 3 spoke to a couple visiting from Salisbury, North Carolina. One of them utilizes crosswalks — the other doesn’t. 

“I use the crosswalks. I think they’re there for a reason and I think that they’re helpful,” Morgan Barnes said.

But, her husband, not so much.

“I fussed at him earlier because he was trying to make me go across the crosswalk without the light on. And I told him no wait,” she said.

Officials say have one final reminder for bikers, pedestrians and drivers: slow down.

“It gets you safely to your destination,” Garvin said. 

As a reminder for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians have the right of way.

Police say if there isn’t a crosswalk go from curb to curb to make sure you can make it safely across the street.

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