Savannah police officer sent to wrong address, shoots dog

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A family pet is undergoing a second surgery Monday after being shot by a Savannah Police officer. 

Doctors in Charleston are now trying to keep the 11-month old pit bull alive. The family is in Savannah waiting for an update on the pet. 

The dog was taken to an emergency clinic early Sunday morning with a gunshot wound before he was sent to Charleston. The family is worried — their dog is fighting for his life, all because police went to the wrong address. 

Sitting on her front porch, all Wanda Moore can do is wait.

“My dog was like a baby to me — like one of my kids because my kids are all grown. So I’m raising something else all over again,” said Moore.

She got emotional talking about her dog, Rock. Savannah Police say the dog rushed officers when they opened an unsecured back door. 

That’s when they shot the pit bull, also hitting the washing machine and back door.

“My dog did what he did…protect us,” said Moore.

Dispatch sent officers to an alarm call on the 1000 Block of 58th Street. But the Moore’s don’t have an alarm system.

“I’ve lived here 18 something years and I’ve never had an alarm system,” she said.

Police were supposed to go to the 100 block of 58th Street. An early morning mistake is now taking a toll on Moore. 

“I’m emotional about it. One of us could have died, so I’m emotional about the whole situation. I’m stressed out,” she said. 

Savannah police are taking responsibility. They are paying for Rock’s care and recovery in Charleston and making repairs to the home and washing machine. 

Moore, who is a mother and grandmother, is relieved a family member wasn’t shot.

“We could have died. The person who took the shots at my dog — imagine me or my husband or my son going into our kitchen. One of us could have died,” she said.

Savannah Police sent News 3 the guidelines they use. Animals are shot as a last resort to prevent bodily harm to an officer or another person. 

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