Savannah Police investigates brawl at Savannah Mall carnival

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More than 50 Savannah Police Officers rushed to the Savannah Mall Saturday night after a brawl broke out at a carnival.

Several people including some juveniles were taken into custody.

“We deployed 44 additional officers here when all of the calls went out in addition to the six that we already working here at the event,” says Alderman Tony Thomas.

A normal Sunday night of family friendly fun turned into pandemonium after Savannah Police say multiple fights broke out at the Abercorn Street carnival.

Video News 3 shot on the scene shows over 50 officers deployed to control the commotion.

Savannah Police say officers were called to the area just after 9 p.m. Saturday.  Officers were quickly able to take control of the fights and shut the carnival down early.

Investigators tell News 3, 5 juveniles and two adults were taken into custody.  Alderman Thomas says he’s grateful no serious injuries were reported.

“One of the concerns I have is that events like this seem to be dumping grounds for parents to just bring your kids and drop em off and leave em…. and i think in a community like this, I think we need to have more legal guardians and parents involved.”

Savannah Police are continuing to investigate.

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