SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah Police Department has brought on a new furry friend to the force.

Goose, a 10-week-old Labrador puppy, will begin training this week as the department’s first therapy dog.

“This is something that will be an asset for department members and the community,” said Chief Lenny Gunther. “Whether it’s an officer who needs a little nuzzle after a stressful call or it’s a community member who is going through a traumatic incident, Goose will be here to help.”

Goose will be paired with Cpl. Julie Cavanaugh of the Behavioral Health Unit, which responds to calls involving those in distress or in mental crisis. The therapy pup can also be used to comfort an officer or someone who witnessed or was a victim of a tragic incident.

According to SPD, therapy dogs are specifically trained to provide comfort and affection to people other than its owner.

“We are so excited to add Goose to the department and see all the ways that he will be helpful to this community,” said Assistant Chief Robert Gavin.

He said Goose’s name was inspired by Maverick’s co-pilot in “Top Gun.”

“It fits perfectly for what he will be doing here,” Gavin said. “He will be our co-pilot every day.”

Goose now has a Facebook page where the public can follow his journey. According to the page, he attended his very first meeting today.