Attacks at places of worship hit close to home for people of faith in the Hostess City, including one pastor who says just a few years ago he would have spoken against armed security guards in religious services. 

Now, some members of religious communities are wondering if armed guards are the answer to this problem, including the leaders of the Mosaic Church in Savannah.  

Dr. Andrew Young is the pastor. He says deadly attacks lead him to change his personal position about firearms in church during services.

He adds church leaders at Mosaic are considering training congregants what to do in an active shooter situation in their sanctuary.

“We have scheduled a readiness drill and training,” said Young. “The debate has been how do we both communicate the need to be safe and have these protocols and practices in place and at the same time not scare people?  That’s the debate we’re having.”

No date has been finalized at this time for active shooter training for his congregation, but he can no longer take the position that the training is unnecessary.