Savannah party bikes could face changes to alcohol rules, routes

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The City of Savannah is considering some changes to a popular tourist attraction.

Reports of rowdy riders could affect alcohol rules and routes for Savannah Slow Ride and The Peddle Pub.

There is a call to take the booze out of the party bikes and move them away from residential streets.

The Peddle Pub’s owner, Matt Schulz, says argues that the multi-passenger crawlers are no noisier than anything else downtown on the weekends.

“The hearse tours, I mean those are cars, and you can drink in the back of those,” Schulz explained. “So I don’t see the issue with drinking on our bicycles that has no motor, that has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.”

Second District Alderman Bill Durrence says “it’s not just noise.”

“There are numerous reports of obnoxious and disruptive behaviors, including yelling at people on the streets, interfering with other peoples’ good time in Savannah,” the alderman added.

Durrence says there are proposed changes to the tours’ areas of operation. Right now, open tours can go between Bryan and Charlton streets and Bull and Montgomery streets. Private tours can run between Bryan and Gaston streets and Habersham and Montgomery streets.

Zone change proposals could erase routes in heavily populated areas.

“Downtown is not a quiet place. People don’t come down here to be quiet. They come down here to have a good time,” said Stephen Beard, of Savannah.

“It doesn’t bother me a bit,” Savannah resident Bobby Buttimer said. “When you allow people to walk around with to-go cups it doesn’t make sense to outlaw it on one section and not in others.”

Savannah’s City Council and Mayor are expected to take up the issue sometime next week.

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