SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — It was an emotional gathering at a local museum—to honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The museum of the mighty eighth air force held a ceremony for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on December 4.

“You never want to forget those who died in the service of their country,” said O.C. Fowler, Vietnam Veteran and former President of the Savannah Navy League.

The Savannah Navy League hosted its 18th annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in honor of those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

“It’s not really a celebration but it’s a remembrance of when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and we lost about 2500 sailors and civilians and airmen and Army guys too,” Fowler said. 

That fateful day is something that will continue to live on throughout history and for Veteran, Gregory Kindred, it’s a day no one should forget. 

“It’s important like he was saying earlier to remember if you say their names they are not forgotten, so as long as we can get people to remember Pearl Harbor then we can keep them alive. I mean the losses we took that day are unfathomable by today’s world even though we had been at war for 20 years even though its losses it just don’t compare to what we did in one day in 1941,” Kindred said. 

Fowler says one lesson all should remember is strength is what keeps our nation moving forward.

Fowler continued, “And if you forget the sacrifice, people made for their country, then you are forgetting our history and you forget some of the lessons that were learned back then, always be ready, when we’re strong it deters our enemies, when we’re weak then they’re going to be able to handle us okay, but you gotta stay strong and that’s what were trying to do today”