Savannah mayor, council still debating on design for new arena

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — In just two weeks, the City of Savannah will break ground on a new $165 million arena. But leaders still can’t come to an agreement on how the new facility should look.

The design team, Perkins and Will, created three different designs for the new arena. Back in March, the team conducted a series of meetings with the public and also met with the council.

The team assumed everyone agreed on the overall design of the arena. But they learned Thursday, that’s not necessarily the case. The council and the mayor have their own ideas of how the multi-million dollar facility should look.

“The reality is we’re two weeks out from a groundbreaking for this facility and this was one of the designs that they worked on. We should’ve gotten some options, we should’ve seen a couple of different things,” said Alderman Tony Thomas.

“How long does it take for you to put a dome on it? Because that’s essentially what we’re talking about, a dome,” says Alderman Van Johnson.

The team will go back to the drawing board and design an arena that includes a dome. They’ll present that proposal to the council in the next week.

The groundbreaking on the new arena will be held Friday, Sept. 13.

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