Savannah mayor asks attorney to help families concerned with Evergreen Cemetery

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On Thursday at the Savannah City Council meeting, Mayor Eddie DeLoach called on the city attorney to look into the complaints from families concerned with the lack of upkeep and piles of garbage at the Evergreen Cemetery.

The 28-acre cemetery on ACL Blvd. is privately-owned and plagued with complaints like people illegally dumping trash on the ground due to the lack of a gate. 
Volunteer groups have been trying to clean it up for years but now Mayor DeLoach is directing the city’s legal team to look at their options to help.
“I just want to tell the folks out there we are, we’ve got the attorney on it.  We’re gonna do what we can do, as far as state law goes … with the cemetery, but surely, there’s got to be some way that we can take this and get this cleaned up.”
Volunteers estimate there are thousands of people buried in Evergreen Cemetery — including hundreds of veterans. 


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