Editor’s Note: Some of the video included in this story may be graphic for young or sensitive viewers

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Savannah man, who publicly supports QAnon conspiracies, was terminated from his job after videos surfaced of his involvement during the protests at the U.S. Capitol.

In a story first reported by The Current, Dominic Box was fired from Vaden Nissan on Friday. The videos he first posted have since been deleted from social media.

Vaden Automotive released a statement to News 3 about the termination saying, in part: “We are no longer affiliated with him in any way and we are not at liberty to discuss employment matters.”

Vaden Automotive also said they weren’t at liberty to discuss the motivations behind his termination.

Box has been an outspoken supporter of QAnon and spoke to News 3 in August 2020 during a “Save the Children” rally in Savannah.

When News 3 contacted him about this story, he refused to comment.

Box broadcasted live on Facebook during the riots, posting videos on his now-defunct Facebook page, as well as the Savannah Freedom Exchange’s page.

The first video documents his journey from the rally outside the White House to Capitol Hill, along with thousands of other marchers.

At a few points, Box can be heard narrating the scene around him to viewers of the Facebook Live video.

“I don’t know what you can do to stop a crowd this size with one thing on their mind,” said Box. “After hearing the president speak, specify the numbers and the ways in which this election was stolen from us, I can definitely say I’d rather be on this side.”

News 3 also obtained a video from later that day, which was posted on his Facebook page, showing some of the interactions between rioters inside the Capitol.

Many rioters can be heard yelling throughout the almost 90-second clip, with Box interjecting at the very end.

The FBI is actively seeking information and finding suspects related to the attacks on the Capitol.