Savannah LGBTQ community reacts to Trump’s partial ban on transgender troops in military

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The Supreme Court’s decision to temporarily green light the president’s partial ban on transgender troops in the military has LGBTQ activists across the country concerned and angry.

This policy was first announced back in July of 2017.  Since then, several lower courts have issued injunctions.

Some members of Savannah’s transgender community said Tuesday’s ruling is like a bad dream they can’t wake up from. 

“We are trying to do this, why stop me from doing my civic duty my allegiance to America because what I choose to be?” asked Evonia Pollard, a local LGBTQ activist. 

Pollard has been fighting for transgender rights for over three decades, but for her, it’s been
a fight filled with more losses than wins. 

“It shocked me because my understanding was we won the fight for trans to be in the military and now I am finding out that we just we lost the fight,” said Pollard. 

Pollard is the co-founder of a group called Transgender Empowerment Education. They serve as a support network for transgender people in Savannah. 

“We empower each other to let them know we can do it if we stand together and educate everyone else,” explained Pollard. “We let you know, ‘I don’t want your job I just want to be able to get a job like you.”

But, Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter sees the ruling differently. 

“I think its a good move for the Supreme Court. All they’ve done is uphold the temporary the ban. This is not permanent it’s just temporary what the president has proposed. In that respect, I think its good,” said Carter.

Temporary or not, for Pollard, it’s just a reminder of how much more work needs to be done to ensure equal rights.

“I am shocked that they are allowing the president to do this,” said Pollard.

She also explained that the ruling has personally affected her as a member of the LGBTQ community.

“Right now it’s like a knife in the chest,” said Pollard. ” I can’t believe this. I thought we got over this.”

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