SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Flights were grounded nationwide Wednesday morning following a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer outage. Although the agency lifted the ground order just before 9 a.m., airports are still facing sweeping delays and even cancellations as they try to rebound from the outage.

At the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, officials said the ordered ground stop delayed nine departures and two arrivals. At last check, two flights had been canceled.

“I came here and had a delayed flight – but now I just received a text that it has been canceled and now they are trying to arrange another flight,” said Damarys Matos.

Some travelers said they felt like they need to sacrifice more vacation time to possibly avoid continuous problems at airports.

“I think I did schedule myself a little too tightly and sure all those things ran through my head this morning. Do I need to find another place to stay? Should I just fly out tomorrow? You know things like that,” said Deborah Arnold. “Plan an extra day before and at the end just for these kinds of situations.”

A spokesperson for the airport said that while operations have resumed, they are staying in communication with the FAA and passengers should check with individual airlines for updates throughout the day.