SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Some travelers have grown frustrated with the ongoing parking shortage at the airport and are hoping officials help ease the issue before it gets worse.

Travel has increased by 33% which means more people are coming to Savannah/Hilton Head International airport than ever before. Right now, there are 500 fewer spaces due to a rental car project.

Officials said the project most likely will not be complete until January 2023 because of supply chain issues.

Traveler, Sherry Collins said she drove around for more than 30 minutes looking for a parking spot.

“It was just very busy today, I rode around for about 30-40 minutes,” Collins said. “I had to go in the overflow. I even had to park where it wasn’t an actual parking space, but I had to make it one. And so, I finally got here. It’s just very busy today, I don’t know why.”

Another traveler, Brenda Vanmol said she found parking close to the airport entrance and had to take a shuttle over to the terminal so, she could make in her flight in time.

“We normally park in the garage when whenever we’re going because it’s only 12 dollars,” Vanmol said. “So, we went up and down every aisle, every aisle they said there were openings, there wasn’t anything there. Went to the overflow parking, luckily there was a guy there that directed us where to go, so we’re on the grass, way out near the road.”

Airport spokesperson, Lori Lynah suggests passengers leave their cars at home and look for other alternatives for the time being.

“I do understand the frustration. We have valet usually available and if you allow extra time, you can use rideshare, taxi service, or have someone drop you off,” Lynah said. “There is spaces, you know there’s enough parking here, and we’ll try to make it easy as possible.”

Airport officials hope to open a new surface lot with 1,000 additional spaces by next year.